Auburn-based Zones, Inc., an IT solutions firm, recently announced that it will use the Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) e-commerce platform for its healthcare clients. For close to ten years, Zones has been working within the healthcare industry providing IT services to a number of top-tier healthcare systems.

GHX Exchange uses cutting-edge cloud-based technology to automate ordering and simplify the healthcare procurement supply chain.

“Zones is streamlining the procurement process for our valued healthcare customers by working with GHX, an established and trusted supply-chain automation company,” stated Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare Sales at Zones, Robert McGowen. “As we continue working with customers to develop solutions focused on modernizing healthcare IT environments to improve the overall quality of patient care, providing greater access to Zones offerings is paramount.”

In 2017, Zones sales reached $2 billion. In February of 2018, Zones was also named one of the Elite 150 of the CRN Managed Service Providers (MSP) 500 list.