The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has issued a request for proposals to find a new owner for the State Route 167 Puyallup River/Meridian Street Bridge. Applicants must have a plan to relocate and reuse the 93-year-old bridge in a way that maintains its historical significance.

WSDOT took the bridge out of commission in 2015 and temporarily relocated it. The bridge is the state’s longest riveted steel Warren through-truss span built prior to 1940, according to a WSDOT statement.

WSDOT will dole out up to $1 million to the individual or agency chosen for the project.

“We are eager to review proposals and hopefully find a new owner who appreciates the historical significance of the bridge and preserves it for the public to enjoy for years to come,” WSDOT’s Historical and Cultural Resource Specialist, Stephen Austin, said in a statement.

Proposals must be submitted before August 9. If none of the proposals received meet the required conditions, the bridge will be demolished as part of the SR 167 Completion Project.