After a five-year stint at Amazon, Donnie Wilcox joined the family farm, making him the fifth generation in its 110-year history.

Wilcox is joining the business as a Food Service Sales Manager handling large accounts, including universities, hospitals, and corporate cafeterias. When this position opened up, it seemed to dovetail well with his role at Amazon working in marketing for electronics and product development for dairy products.

According to the announcement made by Wilcox Farms, he had intended on returning to the farm, though the move happened earlier than he anticipated. But when a sales position opened up, Wilcox said it felt like the right time to transition back.

“Growing up on a farm gives you a strong sense of place. I loved growing up here and always wanted to come back and live,” he said of why he wanted to return. “And working for the farm is a great opportunity to learn more than I could working at other places. I also like knowing I’m settling in a place I want to be, especially since I have a two-year-old now.”