Washington Food Industry Association president and CEO, Jan Gee, has been honored by the National Grocers Association and the Women Grocers of America as their 2018 WGA Woman of the Year.

Jan Gee, WGA Woman of the Year

Jan Gee, Washington Food Industry Association CEO, was named WGA Woman of the Year.

The WGA Woman of the Year award was created in 1996 by the WGA Board of Directors as a way to provide visible support and recognition to outstanding women in the independent grocer industry. The award is given to recipients who exemplify the true characteristics of a leader with passion for the independent grocery industry.

“It is quite the privilege to receive this prestigious award. What really makes it even more special for me is the knowledge a group of my board members secretly submitted the nomination,” stated Gee. “It is a tremendous privilege to work with the independent grocery industry. Every time that I speak out on public policy I am proud to do so because I know, and the policymakers know, the independent grocery industry is at the heart of every community.”

Added Peter Larkin, president and CEO of the NGA, “Through her leadership and tireless efforts, Jan has been a strong advocate for the independent supermarket industry at every step of the way. She has played a key role as a mentor for women in the industry, inspiring and encouraging many to take on leadership positions.”

Gee has 35 years of experience representing the Washington state grocery industry on public policy at all levels of government in various positions and organizations. For the last 13 years, she has served as president and CEO of the Washington Food Industry Association. She currently serves on the board of directors of the National Grocers Association and as vice president/president elect of the board of the Food Industry Association Executives, a national organization of state grocery and retail association executives and public affairs professionals from grocery industry corporations.




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