Innovation leaders from the Nordic region and Pacific Northwest came together May 16 for the second annual Nordic Innovation Summit 2019 in Seattle and celebrated the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Washington and Innovation Norway to promote joint research and development in maritime, environmental, fisheries, and other technologies.

The MOU stipulates areas of cooperation in maritime technology innovation and the Blue Economy, including:

  • Decarbonization of vessels, such as hybrid, full electric and alternative fueled vessels and association infrastructure;
  • Ocean technology innovation, including support for development and expansion of offshore marine renewable energy, sub-sea sensors, gliders and robotics;
  • Modernization of fishing and seafood by engaging sustainable fishing companies, equipment suppliers, processing technology developers and sustainable aquaculture for business, knowledge sharing and tech transfer; and
  • Maritime digitization, sharing market opportunities for growth in data analytics, internet-of-things (IoT), blockchain and other technology for smart ports and sustainable shipping.

A second area of cooperation in clean technology calls for creating business development opportunities, including in clean transportation, power generation, grid modernization, renewable energy, energy storage, and high performance buildings.

“We are honored to enhance our relationship with Innovation Norway as we work together to address one of the world’s great challenges and opportunities — developing a sustainable ocean economy,” said Washington State Department of Commerce Director Lisa Brown. “Merging our significant strengths in technological innovation with our working waterfronts, we are well-positioned to accelerate solutions for adapting and mitigating the impact of climate change while creating jobs that strengthen communities for generations to come.”