The University of Puget Sound has received $800,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to expand high-impact learning experiences for its students.

The grant will make it possible for UPS to extend its sophomore summer internship program, called Reflective Immersive Sophomore Experience (RISE), to all second-year students. RISE encourages participants to explore possible career paths and expands opportunities for students to find meaningful employment after graduation.

The university will also launch ePortfolios as a way to help students of all ages exhibit their specific knowledge, experience, and skills.

“At Puget Sound we believe a liberal arts education must continually transform itself as it engages new generations of young people and helps them become global citizens who are creative, analytical, system-thinkers, and strong and effective communicators who can apply all they learn to their careers and personal lives,” said Isiaah Crawford, president of UPS. “The Mellon Foundation’s ongoing support for our high-impact learning initiatives is generous and farsighted, and will benefit not only our students, but the communities and industries they will serve.”

According to a statement released by the university, UPS aims to work toward engaging all of its students in high-impact educational practices.