The University of Puget Sound’s innovative use of its LoggerCard system earned the institution a nomination for a Visionary Award from CBORD, the system’s vendor. This coming September, the university will provide presenters and attendees of the fourth quadrennial Race and Pedagogy Conference with identification cards intended to track the attendance among various sessions. The data will ultimately provide helpful demographic insight for future conferences.

The data to be collected includes registration versus actual attendance and diversity characteristics of attendees at the conference and at specific sessions. These findings will be used to improve programming in the future. In addition to collecting information, the CBORD system will increase the efficiency of registration and check-in at the conference itself.

Currently, the UPS population uses CBORD cards on campus for the purpose of swipe-in building access, charging meal plans, and general identification. However, CBORD recognized the school’s creative new implementations as deserving of its annual Visionary Award. Tasha Helton, a system analyst at the university’s business services, anticipates a more streamlined and organized event with the help of CBORD systems.

“It’s a great honor just to be nominated,” Helton said. “We’re proud of the work we’re doing to use these tools in analysis of the conference and identify participation for different constituents.”

The 2018 Race and Pedagogy National Conference will be held Sept. 27-29 at the University of Puget Sound campus in Tacoma.