Beginning Feb. 1, the United Way of Pierce County is embarking on a 21-day “equity challenge.”

According to a release from the organization, the effort seeks to spark conversation, action, and change in the community around power, privilege, race, and leadership.

“Participants will also learn what it takes to go from being an ally to a leader in the fight for equality,” the release added.

From now until February, those interested in participating can sign up here to get a daily email challenge, according to the release. Once the initiative kicks off Feb. 1, participants will receive an email each day that introduces a topic and shares relevant articles, podcasts, videos, and other media that provide further context to that particular topic.

“We encourage participants to take their time with these resources, reflect on the questions, and sit with what they are learning,” the release stated. “We also encourage everyone to join our weekly community conversations to convene with others participating in the challenge so you can connect, express your thoughts and continue to process your feelings in the community.”

For more, head to the United Way website.