Many businesses across the nation are facing issues regarding workforce shortages, according to new data released from the Tacoma-based staffing company TrueBlue. A study conducted by the company found that workplace managers are having trouble filling low, middle, and high skill jobs in 2019.

A survey was taken online by 1,499 managers, including HR, operational, and general managers. The data collection stretched across various regions, industries, and company sizes.

According to TrueBlue’s research, 46 percent of managers have trouble filling middle-skill positions — jobs requiring experience and some continued education. The workforce shortage has created extended job vacancies, which many managers said have led to lower product or service quality, causing 23 percent of managers to admit their companies experienced a decline in revenue as a result.

“Low unemployment coupled with globalization, accelerated technology advancement, and evolving work models are creating talent deficits across all skill levels within organizations,” Patrick Beharelle, CEO of TrueBlue, said.

A total of 41 percent of companies reported that they plan to raise compensation for entry-level workers and 46 percent plan to train and hire the long-term unemployed in the coming year. Companies are doing this in an effort to combat the rising turnover rate, which 25 percent of managers surveyed claim has affected their business.

“The skills supply is not keeping up with demand, which is fueling a greater intensity in an already competitive labor market and adversely impacting productivity, service quality, and revenue growth for businesses,” Beharelle said.

TrueBlue, the Tacoma-based organization which conducted the survey, organizes recruiting, staffing, and workplace management for over 130,000 companies around the world, connecting approximately 730,000 people with work in 2018. Learn more here.