Readiness Acceleration and Innovative Network (RAIN) Incubator has redefined its organizational priorities to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic to benefit local communities as a result of working with the TractionSpace mentorship program.

TractionSpace executives worked closely with RAIN leadership and key contributors to build its focus on delivering high-impact information and resources to aid Western Washington communities.

“The TractionSpace team was invaluable in presenting insightful ideas and leading us through a structured process,” RAIN Incubator Founder and Catalyst, David Hirschberg, said in a release. “We now have a better understanding of who we are and where we need to focus our work for the greatest good.”

TractionSpace’s mentorship program helps businesses grow by finding solutions and creating pathways to success.

“We focus on finding each company’s unique strengths and create pathways to reaching goals,” TractionSpace CEO, Don Morrison, said in a release. “RAIN Incubator is uniquely positioned in the South Sound to lead the fight against infectious diseases and educate communities on how to stay healthy. We helped them find a way to move their priorities forward.”

RAIN is on course to fight the current COVID-19 pandemic and battle infectious disease throughout the region. RAIN recently pivoted major resources to develop an Early Warning System that identifies COVID-19 outbreaks and helps protect the most at risk, while minimizing loss to the economy.

“We are also continuing the development of our biotech incubator as we look to grow the bio-tech entrepreneurial eco-system in the South Sound,” Hirschberg said in a release.

TractionSpace will continue to work closely with RAIN on future projects.

“We view RAIN Incubator as one of the great assets of our community and want to do everything we can to help them achieve their vision,” Morrison said in a release. “We’ll continue to provide mentorship and entrepreneurial guidance to RAIN as needed.”