Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners alike will be interested to learn about the latest business development in Tacoma. The historic Azure Swimming Pool building, located in Tacoma’s Theater District, is undergoing a transformation to house a vibrant, new coworking space: TractionSpace.

The company seeks to help commuters who live in Tacoma and work in Seattle. Ultimately, their goal is to create partnerships with Seattle-based companies in order to offer commuters satellite office spaces in the South Sound area. The company plans to develop entrepreneur-in-residence programs, speaker series, and regular networking sessions, on top of their regular offerings.

TractionSpace offers multiple membership plans, including perks such as: coaching, networking, professional office spaces, and more. Plus, workers will be able to enjoy the on-site Café Azure, which will also be opening this fall to serve a selection of food and beverage options.

TractionSpace is currently under construction, but will be completed in late October or early November. A launch party will take place on Nov. 20. Those interested in becoming a member of TractionSpace can visit the company website for more information, or to schedule a tour.