One of many things we missed out on this year due to COVID-19 closures was a chance to see the tulip fields bloom in Skagit Valley. But the six million tulips — 65 varieties and all — can now be enjoyed from anywhere in the world through a new virtual app called Tulip Town 360.

The new owners of Tulip Town — five high school friends who grew up in the Skagit Valley — were able to leverage skills from their previous careers in tech and creative fields to develop the free app, which uses footage from a high definition drone flying through the iconic fields. Scott McKinley of Level 5 Interactive in Arlington, Washington, was instrumental in the creation of the app, as well.

“After one demo by Level 5 Interactive, we knew that a mobile app using that technology was going to provide both the ‘wow’ we were looking for as well as a distinctive tulip experience not currently available anywhere else in the world,” Andrew Miller, co-owner and chief executive officer of Tulip Town, said in a statement.

The app will be updated so that visitors can experience every phase of the tulip farm, from seasonal planting, to blooming, to harvesting.

“While there may be no substitute for standing in the breeze as our millions of tulips wave at you, we trust that the fields of flowers, along with the sounds of the birds and farm machinery from Tulip Town 360 will prove a bright spot for those hoping to experience some beauty at this dark time, ” said Miller.

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