The Thurston County Board of Commissioners is hosting a public hearing at 5:30 p.m. on May 1 to receive public feedback on extending interim zoning regulations for licensed marijuana producers, processors, and retailers.

Current interim zoning regulations are set to expire on May 8, 2018. A six-month extension has been proposed in order to give Thurston County staff and officials more time to develop permanent regulations.

When Washington state began accepting license applications for cannabis producers, processors, and retailers in November 2013, Thurston County did not have marijuana zoning regulations in place. The county therefore passed Ordinance No. 14978, which set up interim regulations while permanent ones could be established.

According to the public hearing notice, the county seeks to limit state-licensed marijuana-related activity by “adopting regulations that mitigate potential impacts through appropriate land use review processes, zoning designations, and land use controls, such as but not limited to: setbacks, screening, landscaping, building height and development coverage.”

To provide comments via email, contact Jeremy Davis at More information is available here.