This week, the Thurston County Auditor’s Office announced it will make additional documents available to the public online.

“Our goal as the steward of the county public records is to strike a balance between easy access and protecting the privacy of sensitive information available on some types of records,” a representative from the Auditor’s Office said in a statement detailing the newly available documents.

As of June 5, customers using the county’s Online Records Index will now be able to view deeds, easements, releases, leases, agreements, and other documents. Previously, the public was only able to view documents like maps, declarations of forfeiture, notices of trustee sale, and notices of intent of forfeits.

The change comes after the county received requests to broaden the types of documents it made available online. The new documents were chosen because they are less likely to contain sensitive personal information.

To access the Online Records Index, visit the Thurston County Auditor’s website.