Thurston County residents now have access to a quarterly newsletter, the Habitat Conservation Plan, a citizen engagement tool, news releases, and other information, all on a new webpage.

According to a statement released by the county, the new webpage “is part of a continued effort to enhance transparency and share information about County business with citizens.”

The quarterly newsletter, called County Up Close, will inform residents about department and office updates, job opportunities, and actions by the commissioner.

The citizen engagement tool, which launched last month, is a place where citizens can interact with and provide feedback to the county on specific subjects. For example, users can currently fill out a survey to explain how they would spend $500 of the county’s budget.

Residents can also learn about the county’s Habitat Conservation Plan. An HCP is a technical study that details how to offset the impacts of certain construction and other projects on local threatened and endangered species.

Visit the new webpage here.