The Evergreen State College was named a “best buy” school by the 2019 Fiske Guide to Colleges this month.

The comprehensive annual guide to higher education, now in its 35th year, called Evergreen “one of the best choices for students who see traditional academic structures as too restrictive.” The guide highlighted the school’s unusual academic mechanisms, in which qualitative evaluations replace letter grades and all credits count towards a degree, and said students “delight in exploring the connections between disparate disciplines at their own pace.”

Tuition at the Olympia school hovered near $6,500 for Washington residents and slightly more than $20,000 for non-residents as of 2016, according to the school’s website.

The guide and an interviewed student both applauded the school’s lack of traditional majors; instead, students can mix programs to create their own course of study. The rewards of attending Evergreen “lie in an education that is personally meaningful and that allows [students] to develop and express their own identities.”

Evergreen, which has earned the “best buy” commendation before, joined larger names like the University of Arizona and Texas A&M University on the 20-school list, which incorporates both public and private schools. The liberal arts school was ranked the No. 33 regional university in the West by U.S. News and World Report in 2018.