The Camp Bar’s doors are once again open. Many may know Tacoma’s Camp Bar for its unique rustic camp-themed bar and its reputation for the best karaoke in the South Sound. Its camp theme has always been a part of what makes it unique — and now the bar is turning it up even further as a way to enforce social distancing.

Indoor greenhouse orbs have gone up in the space, which will now fill only to 50 percent capacity as a part of the slow, steady reopening process of restaurants and businesses in Phase 2. Owner Patrick Haight said the tent-like orbs will help maintain the health and safety of their customers because they provide a physical barrier between dinner parties.

“We are very optimistic we will bounce right back once we can reach 100 percent capacity. We have a unique place, loyal following, and there is not really anything similar to it in the South Sound,” Haight said about the reopening after the shutdown due to COVID-19. “The one great benefit about having a great little dive bar and restaurant is that you tend to survive in good times, and in bad times. Everyone likes to drink and have a meal with their friends.”

The Camp Bar hosted a private opening with its eager regulars to make sure the new plan of operation would run smoothly.

“Since we couldn’t go camping, this is the next greatest thing and we love it here. It has camp chairs, s’mores at the table, and outdoor-themed drinks like the 1-eyed squirrel,” a customer said in a comment about the reopening.

As for the karaoke scene, Haight predicts that it will start back up once Pierce County moves into Phase 3 and restaurants can maintain up to 75 percent capacity. The plan is to use individual microphone covers for each singer.

Camp Bar is now open every day, except for Mondays, at 4 p.m., and it will eventually expand its hours of operations as Pierce County enters Phases 3 and 4.