Ever wondered what coffee roasted over an open flame tastes like? Tacoma-based Campfire Coffee is the only business in the United States that gives you the answer.

Campfire Coffee, one of the finalists for Kitsap Bank’s edg3 FUND Awards this year, is also the only Black-owned coffee-roasting business in Washington state. Through their business, Campfire Coffee seeks to bring further accessibility to the sometimes not-so-accessible world of specialty coffee.

If the business wins an award, Whitni Henry, who co-owns Campfire Coffee with her husband Quincy, said they would expand their business by building an additional coffee roaster, hiring a part-time employee, and signing a lease for an office and warehouse space. All of these things would allow them to additionally explore wholesale production, acquire a beer and wine license, and invest in “bigger green coffee and merchandise buys,” Henry said.

Henry said this money would be the catalyst for “increased productivity and improved efficiency.”

Vote between Oct. 26 and Nov. 6 here for your favorite of the eight edg3 FUND finalists. The business with the most votes will receive the $5,000 Public Favorite Award.