The Tacoma Public Utility Board has adopted a resolution to negotiate a contract with Tacoma-based cable company Rainier Connect.

The board voted on Monday to approve the resolution, and the proposed partnership with Rainier Connect is for the purpose of expanding an existing public-private partnership, which would maintain the Click! Network — Tacoma’s public cable TV and internet provider — as a publicly-owned asset.

The resolution will be presented to the Tacoma City Council for its consideration.

The city council and Public Utility Board were presented with an assessment by experts from CTC Technology and Energy, a consulting firm. The board considered offers from two companies, Wave Broadband and Rainier Connect, with CTC recommending the latter company’s proposal.

Either proposal ensures Tacoma residents retain ownership of Click! Network,” a press release from the board stated. “Both proposals represent landmark commitments to net neutrality, customer privacy, low-income affordability and non-transfer to entity with substantial market share.”

Negotiations with Rainier Connect are expected to take several months. Any final contract will include a plan to minimize service disruptions to existing customers, according to the release.

People can learn more about the two proposals and provide feedback on CTC’s assessment online. People also can attend one of the following two events for more information:

  • City of Tacoma Citizen’s Forum, 5 p.m. March 19 at the Tacoma Municipal Building, 747 Market St.
  • Tacoma City Council meeting, 5 p.m. March 26 at the Tacoma Municipal Building, 747 Market St.