Photos courtesy Lakeview ProWash

Perhaps you’ve noticed the Tacoma Dome’s roof appears brighter than usual. If so, it’s not because the 36-year-old, City-owned arena isn’t shrouded in gray clouds typical of the Pacific Northwest. Rather, the City of Tacoma has hired Issaquah-based Lakeview ProWash to clean every inch of the Dome’s dirt-glazed, smog-smudged, 5-acre roof.

“It’s been six years since it was last cleaned,” Dome Director Kim Bedier told South Sound Business during an interview and tour of the Dome in April. At that time, an anonymous donor paid nearly $104,000 to clean the roof. A wash was long overdue.

In June, the City issued a request for proposals (RFP) for the project, which was budgeted to cost approximately $150,000. Lakeview ProWash responded to the RFP with a bid of $94,350, and was hired to perform services such as removing dirt and other material accumulated atop the roof’s membrane, repairing any damaged sections of the roof material, and other duties.

Lakeview ProWash began to clean the roof last week. The job, which requires six pressure washers, is expected to be completed in September. Rain may hinder the process, but company representatives said workers could complete the job in as little as eight working days.

One of the largest wood-domed structures in the world, the Dome’s roof was built with 1.6 million board feet, according to the venue’s website, and weighs nearly 1.5 million pounds.