Back in August, our columnist, Dan Voelpel, charged the greater South Sound community to do what the City of Tacoma maybe should have done 30 years ago — outfit the Tacoma Dome with a showstopping Andy Warhol flower.

In case you missed it, he proposes the community revisit one of the Dome’s original design ideas, which included geometric neon designs, a nighttime constellation, and bright orange and yellow flower designed by the late Warhol.

In the months since Voelpel resurrected the proposal, $2,505 has been raised by 37 donors in favor of the idea. The city estimates it would cost $5 million to actually wrap the dome in the flower design, and his hope is that $10,000 raised by passionate community members will jumpstart other fundraising efforts.

This campaign was fueled in part because of how grimy the exterior of the dome has become, and it’s been a decades-long challenge to its curb appeal.

If you’re interested in donating, the GoFundMe campaign can be found here.