The Tacoma Dome and the Greater Tacoma Convention Center have installed new indoor air quality technology and are transforming the guest journey to reduce touchpoints at both venues, the Tacoma Venues & Events has announced.

To help provide an improved indoor environment, the venues have installed in the HVAC systems AtmosAir Solutions bi-polar ionization (BPI) technology. AtmosAir Solutions BPI devices are designed to suppress airborne and surface micro-organisms and pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and mold. They also reduce odors as well as unhealthy and irritating volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The technology makes both buildings more sustainable while reducing energy and operational costs.

According to tests, AtmosAir’s BPI technology plays a role in reducing the spread of coronavirus. Tests performed by Microchem Laboratory, a lab for testing sanitizing products registered by the EPA and FDA, confirmed that the presence of coronavirus was reduced by 99.92 percent within 30 minutes of exposure to AtmosAir’s BPI technology in a contained space.

In addition to cleaner air, the Tacoma Venues & Events team is also transforming the guest journey to reduce touchpoints at both venues including implementing a clear bag policy, cashless transactions, and mobile pay parking.