Touting the South Sound as a pro-job environment, the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber has strongly responded to the Seattle City Council’s decision to charge $275 per employee per year on for-profit companies located in the city that gross at least $20 million.

“It’s a shame,” Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber CEO Tom Pierson said in a video posted Tuesday morning on the Chamber’s Facebook page. “The problem is they’re pitting one group against another. Labor and business against social service and so forth, and that’s just not who we are as people. Here in Tacoma and Pierce County and the South Sound, we’re about working on issues like this … as a group, as a community.”

The Chamber followed up Pierson’s message a day later, again on Facebook, with a shorter video produced by the Chamber, this one opening with a shot of Tacoma behind the words “NO HEAD TAX HERE.” “WE WELCOME JOBS” and “SOUTH SOUND IS THE PLACE FOR JOBS,” were two of the other messages prominently displayed on the 30-second clip.

The latter video has been viewed more than 2,100 times and shared by more than 50 people.