Courtesy Travel Tacoma

Since 2006, Tacoma Arts Live has been striving to exceed the scope and quality of services traditionally offered by performance arts centers. Looking to share the results of its efforts to date, the regional nonprofit has released an impact report based on the outcomes of an independent assessment.

The analysis, conducted by the arts leadership team at KO Projects, reviewed all Tacoma Arts Live strategic operational business lines: Education, live events, support of the performing arts sector, stewarding and preserving historic venues, financial results and visitors served, and philanthropic giving. The Board of Trustee’s Strategic Committee oversaw the review, selection, and oversight of the independent formal evaluation.

Overall, KO Project’s findings reveal the organization to be, “exceptionally well-managed, leading the field in community engagement, service to youth, and support of the South Sound arts sector.”

“Tacoma Arts Live is pleased with our accomplishments, and we are enthusiastic about our growth and capacity to serve in partnership with the City of Tacoma, offering diverse live events, civic engagement, and historic preservation,” stated David Fischer, executive director of Tacoma Arts Live. “We are particularly proud of our Education Through the Arts programs assessed as being of national caliber and delivering unique impacts in social-emotional learning, civil rights and conservatory-based arts learning.”