Earlier this week, The Washington Post released a study done by climate scientist Brian Brettschneider. The study examined U.S. cities with populations of at least 125,000 to find out which places have the “most nice days” nationwide. The results might surprise you.

The top ten U.S. cities with the most “nice” days per year is mostly predictable: Seven are in California, with Long Beach taking the cake at 210 nice days. Los Angeles follows with 182 nice days. In fifth place is Phoenix, which has 100 nice days of the year; places nine and 10, however, go to our very own Tacoma and Olympia, with 86 and 84 nice days of the year, respectively.

So, what makes a “nice” day? Brettschneider admits that the study isn’t a perfect one — after all, the parameters concluded that Honolulu has only 31 nice days every year (thanks to humidity and wind), ranking it as the city with weather so bad it is beat only by Anchorage. The criteria of the study looked for moderately warm temperatures (65-85 degrees), partial sunshine, light breeze, low humidity, and no precipitation. Winds should also be less than 25 mph.

Tacoma and Olympia manage to qualify in the top ten thanks to our gorgeous summers, which match up well with the criteria put forth by the study. Maybe we’ll feel differently once the rainy season sets in, but for now, we can appreciate living in an area that boasts two of the top ten cities, weather-wise, in the country.

To learn more about the study and the methodologies used to complete it, visit The Washington Post.