A new study analyzing the quality of nursing homes in all 50 states found that Washington ranked No. 1, with the most complaints per nursing home facility in 2018.

Using data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 2019 report, senior care website, The Senior List, released its “Which States Have The Best And Worse Nursing Homes” study, which found that Washington had, by far, the most issues per facility with the state’s 213 licensed facilities averaging 18.1 deficiencies (complaints) per facility. In comparison, New Hampshire had the fewest with just 2.59 deficiencies per facility. As a result of these deficiencies, Washington nursing homes paid $933,491 in penalties.

When limiting the scope to substandard-care deficiencies, or serious problems that may directly impact the health or safety of residents, Washington fell out of the top five to No. 6 on the list with 1.77 deficiencies per facility. New Mexico moved up to No. 1 with 3.09 deficiencies per facility. New Hampshire, again, had the fewest with 0.01 deficiencies per facility.

Nationally, “Quality of Care” was the most common deficiency accounting for nearly 2o percent of all complaints, followed by “Resident Rights” (13 percent) and “Pharmacy Services” (12 percent).