The secondary ferry slip at the Steilacoom Dock will be replaced in a $2.1 million project that will last through the end of the year, Pierce County said Thursday.

The project will lengthen the gangway to 195 feet from its current 125 feet and will pair two stationary sections with a moving span, according to a news release. That reconfiguration will allow for better maintenance access to boats stationed at the slip. The county will replace other portions of the dock, including its wing walls, piles, and dolphins.

Creosote timber used for the current wing walls and dolphins are failing because of age, the release said. New all-steel components, which can last up to 25 years and are better for Puget Sound, will replace the wooden construction.

Service on the Pierce County ferry, which operates from Steilacoom to Anderson Island and Ketron Island, is expected to continue as scheduled. The secondary slip houses the ferry not in use in the two-ferry system, and work on that slip should not affect the primary dock, the release said.

Work is scheduled for daytime hours Monday through Friday, though timing may shift because of tides and so as not to disrupt ferry operations. Some work may occur overnight.

The project is slated to begin July 15; no completion date was given except for the end of 2018. Federal ferry and surface transportation funds, plus county road revenues, are funding the construction.