The internet is no longer simply the virtual space that houses your website and social media pages. Sure, it gives your business WiFi and connectivity, allows you to check emails and other requests coming in through your contact-us page, and even gives you a way to share your brand and company culture — but it offers so much more than that for businesses today. Are you using it to its full potential?

Smart business owners throughout the 425 must also take advantage of the great auxiliary services and technology it offers. Business-class internet can do more than just keep you connected; it can be the backbone of your organization if utilized effectively.

As you prepare for 2020, don’t skimp on services offered by your internet provider. Here are three key ways it can help you manage your business and improve the customer experience:

Staying Always On, Even During Storm Season

Businesses are subject to a number of connectivity risks — from Northwest storms to equipment failures, and even human error. This can impact customer experience, access to important information, sales, and more. With the power of LTE technology, you can remain online even when the power goes down. Services like the Comcast BusinessConnection Pro 4G LTE backup system allow a business’ internet and services to remain online for hours, even when there are untimely issues.

Becoming an Agile, Smarter Business

Internet services today bring with them the latest cloud offerings. Now, businesses can take advantage of apps that share important information, process paperwork and contracts, or even manage their website — all thanks to cloud software from your internet provider. If you’re an SMB, cloud apps are even more important as they give you the capabilities that were only traditionally used by larger businesses with more resources, helping you compete with the big boys. Comcast Business Internet users have access to the latest cloud solutions to support all types of uses. Whether you need to back up your computers; find security and anti-virus software; or get the latest in business, productivity and team communication tools — your provider is now able to help you get access to these critical tools.

Improving Customer Experience in the Office or On-The-Go

You can’t always be in your office and customer calls need to go wherever you go so you can effectively operate in today’s 24/7, always-on world. Your internet provider can give you the latest in IP voice and PBX technology so you manage calls and customer inquiries coming in — no matter where you are. Solutions like Comcast Business VoiceEdge make this easy. Plus, with apps that support audio conferencing and CRM integrations, you can get customers exactly what they need — in the office or in the field — and track everything accordingly.

Local Businesses Doing it Best

One business embracing the power of internet services is 7 Seas Brewing Co., a South Puget Sound-based brewery with popular taprooms in downtown Tacoma and Gig Harbor. They use Comcast Business internet and its services to support important parts of their operations, create great customer experiences in their taprooms, and ultimately, brew some of the best beer in the Pacific Northwest.“Over the last decade we’ve grown every year, and all along we’ve partnered with Comcast Business because we know we can rely on them,” said Mike Runion, president and co-founder of 7 Seas Brewing Co. “We utilize the high-speed internet and phone and voice services to support things like our POS System and orders of raw materials. Our taprooms are also powered by Comcast WIFI and video, so customers have a great time when they visit. This all helps us in our mission to brew and distribute world-class beer and give our customers the experience they expect when they visit us.”