Hometown lumber chain Arrow Lumber & Hardware is acquiring Levee Lumber in Ocean Shores, the company announced on July 13. The company is estimating that the transition will be complete and the new yard will be open for business in August.

Arrow Lumber

Photo courtesy Arrow Lumber & Hardware.

“We are extremely blessed to have the success that we have had in our history, successfully beating the recession and continuing to grow,” said Barney Wagner, Arrow Lumber’s founder, in a statement. “This opportunity to grow our business even more is a very proud moment in Arrow Lumber’s history.”

Arrow Lumber & Hardware is well known in the area for its high standards regarding customer service. This was the ideology that Wagner founded the company on in 1997 after working at many lumber yards and noticing this shortcoming. The Ocean Shores location will be the seventh Arrow Lumber store to open in Washington state during the company’s 21-year history.