Voters statewide supported the initiative to cap car-tab fees at $30 — which has drawn legal challenges from a consortium that includes Seattle and King County — and narrowly rejected an affirmative action measure.

So which way did voters in South Sound lean on these issues and others, and which candidates did they vote into or retain for local and regional offices?

We compiled the latest results, updated as of Tuesday afternoon from Washington’s Office of the Secretary of State. While we couldn’t list every result from every community in Pierce, Thurston, Lewis, Mason and Grays Harbor counties, we highlighted some races and measures that remain close — generally within about a percentage point, plus or minus — as final ballots are tabulated. We also provide links to each South Sound county’s results for further information on races such as Port of Tacoma commissioner, or the myriad contests for city council; school board; and sewer, water, and park district.

Election results are certified by each county on Nov. 26. The Secretary of State certifies final results by Dec. 5. Results here are before certification and still unofficial.

Complete election results by county are found at these links; Pierce, Thurston, Lewis, Mason and Grays Harbor.

All results are current through Tuesday at 3:30 p.m., with a few ballots yet to be counted in Pierce and Thurston counties.

Voter turnout

Statewide, 44.9 percent.

Pierce, 39.8 percent

Thurston, 44 percent

Lewis, 46.07 percent

Mason, 47.51 percent

Grays Harbor, 45.84 percent.

Initiative Measure No. 976 (car tabs)

In one of the more controversial measures in the recent general election, voters in Pierce and Thurston counties drove opposite ways in their support for initiative 976.

Statewide, passed, 52.97 percent

Pierce, passed, 65.76 percent

Thurston, rejected, 52.09 percent

Lewis, passed, 71.23 percent

Mason, passed, 63.58 percent

Grays Harbor passed, 63.17 percent

Referendum Measure No. 88 (affirmative action)

Statewide, rejected, 50.54 percent

Pierce, rejected, 56.06 percent

Thurston, approved, 50.06 percent

Lewis, rejected, 69.89 percent

Mason, rejected, 61.3 percent

Grays Harbor, rejected, 60.9 percent

Pierce County:

About 250 ballots estimated left to be counted

City of Auburn Council Position No. 5

Ryan Burnett, 50.74 percent

Robyn Mulenga, 49.07 percent

Write-in, 0.19 percent

Town of Carbonado Council Position 1

David Rodway, 50.22 percent

Ryan Manowski, 49.35 percent

Write-in, 0.43 percent

City of Pacific Mayor (combines King and Pierce counties)

Leanne Guier, 50.24 percent

Vic Kave, 49.05 percent

Write-in, 0.71 percent

City of Puyallup Council At-Large

Heather Shadko, 49.45 percent

Dean Johnson, 50.12 percent

Write-in, 0.42 percent

City of Sumner Council Position 7

Charla Rae Neuman, 50 percent

Earle Stuard, 49.63 percent

Write-in, 0.37 percent

Bethel School District No. 403 Director District 2

John L. Manning, 49.66 percent

Rick Knutsen, 49.23 percent

Write-in, 1.11 percent

Thurston County:

About 400 ballots left to count

City of Lacey City Council Position No. 3

Ed Kunkel, 50.16 percent

Lynda N. Zeman, 49.32 percent

Write-in, 0.52 percent

Lewis County:

Centralia City Council Position 1 At-Large

Elizabeth Cameron, 49.95 percent

Matt Evans, 48.74 percent

Write-in, 1.31 percent

Mason County:

Southside School 42 School Board Director Position No. 2

Laurie Cox, 50.08 percent

Brandon Homan, 48.8 percent

Write-in, 1.12 percent

Southside School 42 School Board District Position No. 4

Eugenie (Gigi) Olsen, 49.92 percent

Matt Jewett, 48.66 percent

Write-in, 1.42 percent

Grays Harbor County:

Hospital District 2 Hospital 2 Position 2

Scott Dilley, 50.2 percent

Melanie L. Sturgeon, 49 percent

Write-in, 0.81 percent

City of Oakville Position 4

Julie Zehe, 50 percent

Allen Werth, 50 percent

Write-in, 0 percent

City of Ocean Shores Mayor

Crystal Dingler, 49.64 percent

Susan Conniry, 49.52 percent

Write-in, 0.84 percent