Courtesy Sound Transit

Sound Transit has released a draft plan for expanding Sounder South capacity, which is now available for public review and comment through Feb. 6.

The Strategic Development and Implementation Plan is designed to help Sounder South meet the growing demand expected over the next 15 to 20 years, as population and employment in the corridor continues to grow.

The draft plan outlines several strategies to address such challenges, including:

  • Expanding the length of the train cars from seven cars to up to 10 cars within five-and-a-half to eight years;
  • Adding more weekday trips during commute times; and
  • Station improvements to accommodate longer trains and more riders.

Sound Transit expects to finalize the plan in spring of this year. Once finalized, it will work on the individual elements. For each improvement, Sound Transit will conduct project-level planning and environmental review with partners, stakeholders, tribes, and host jurisdictions to measure and mitigate potential impacts.

For more information on the draft plan and to voice your input, visit this website.