The Silver Cloud Tacoma Hotel at Point Ruston has officially delayed its anticipated opening, according to the hotel’s management team. The location has been under construction since summer 2017 and was originally slated to open in the third quarter of this year; now it is looking at an opening timeframe at the end of the first quarter of 2021.

The delay comes as a result of myriad issues related to COVID-19, including interrupted supply chains that are essential to complete construction — which has continued throughout the course of the pandemic with new health regulations — and the need for updated protocols to keep guests and staff safe.

“We really want to remain loyal to our partners, both local and abroad,” said Justine Kunz, director of sales and marketing for Silver Cloud Hotel Tacoma at Point Ruston Waterfront. “We want to make sure we’re doing the right thing, so we made an active decision to assess our new opening timeline within a safe boundary.”

The Point Ruston location will be the newest addition to the 10 other hotels that make up the Silver Cloud network, which has a footprint throughout Western Washington and Portland. None of these locations have closed their doors due to COVID-19.

“Our industry has absolutely been impacted substantially,” Kunz said. “But Silver Cloud’s mission, our tagline and motto, has always been friendliness and cleanliness. We’ve augmented our housekeeping services and implemented flexible cancellation policies and the use of PPE, following guidelines from the CDC and World Health Organization. We want to be able to adapt to this new environment, whatever that looks like.”

Once open, the Point Ruston location is anticipated to add about 100 jobs to the local economy. Find out more here.