How to Break Up With Your Phone

When we think of the most addictive things in our lives, our morning cup (or three) of coffee or our nightly glass of pinot noir likely would be the first things to spring to mind. But actually, the most addictive things in our lives are our phones, according to award-winning journalist and author Catherine Price. In fact, Price noted, phones and apps are literally designed to be highly addictive. That’s why she penned this “30-day plan to take back your life.”

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More Than Enough

Many probably would recognize Elaine Welteroth as a judge on Project Runway, or perhaps you know her as the youngest editor-in-chief of a Condé Nast publication, or as the cultural ambassador for Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote initiative. Throughout Welteroth’s career, she often was the only Black woman in the room and became tired of “the world telling her — and all women — they’re not enough.” In her memoir More Than Enough, Welteroth unpacks these issues of equity, along with many other lessons learned along the way.

Penguin Books | $17

Work From Home While You Roam

Though written in 2019 and published earlier this year before COVID-19, this work-from-home guide seems especially prescient during an unprecedented era of working outside a corporate office. Author Robin Barrett — whose other works include Be a Nomad Change Your Life, a guide for living year-round in a van or RV — provides a road map to working from anywhere.

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How to Have Impossible Conversations

Whether engaging in discourse with an overly political client, a virtual troll, or just navigating a tepid debate with a coworker, just about every conversation feels as if it is rife with controversy. Gun control, race, climate change, health care, and other topics can feel impossible to discuss. Cue this “very practical guide” by authors Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay, chock-full of techniques to bolster connection and empathy while opening minds.

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