What does being “sustainable” mean in our day-to-day lives? In our businesses and communities? How does the term “sustainable” apply to more than environmentally sound practices?

The second annual Sustainability Summit for Women in Business aims to answer these questions and more in a day-long event featuring keynote speakers and breakout sessions. Hosted on Oct. 5 at the RAIN Incubator by Allison Bishins Consulting, the event will create space for self-identifying women and non-binary people to discuss and learn about environmental equity, sustainable branding, self-care, reducing waste, and conscious consumerism, among other topics.

Event coordinator Allison Bishins said the Sustainability Summit began last year as a passion project aided by the Tacoma Sustainability grant. With the event, Bishins wanted to spark dialogue about how South Sound women — particularly women in business — can help change the conversation about what it means to be sustainable.

“It’s really common for people to see environmental issues as separate from business considerations and local community issues,” Bishins said. “But they are truly intertwined. For example, switching our buying to local or secondhand can support the local economy and reduce emissions (while) also strengthen(ing) the connections between local businesses, improving long-term chances of a business surviving.”

Keynote speakers will be Emily Pinckney, who works with Sustainable Tacoma Commission and will be speaking on the economic systems of subjugation, and Thy Nguyen, an activist who will speak on the ways women of color sustain the world. Breakout sessions include Krista Perez of the Tacoma Women of Color Collective (community as sustainability), Krystina Jarvis of A Drop in the Ocean (the importance of reducing waste), Casey Hubbell of Yoga Wild (self-care as sustainability), and more.

“I wanted to have an in-depth conversation with women from lots of different backgrounds and perspectives, to push all of us to think more critically on a daily basis of how we can use our platforms to do better for the environment — and our community,” Bishins said.

The event will be held on Oct. 5 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will include a vegan, gluten-free lunch as well as networking opportunities. Tickets are offered at a sliding scale from $25 to $75 to ensure the summit is accessible to all. Email allisonbishins@gmail.com for scholarship and volunteer position applications.