In a recent study conducted by personal finance company WalletHub, the Greater Seattle area ranked as 2020’s top metro area for STEM professionals in the nation.

WalletHub’s methodology for it’s list of Best and Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals included a comparison of the 100 largest metro areas across three key dimensions — professional opportunities, “STEM-friendliness,” and quality of life. Those three dimensions were then evaluated using 21 relevant metrics, each metric graded on a 100-point scale with a score of 100 representing the most favorable conditions for STEM professionals. Each metro area’s weighted average across all metrics was then determined to calculate its final score and rank — the data set ranging from per-capita job openings for STEM graduates through annual median wage growth for STEM positions.

STEM jobs, currently in high demand, are predicted to grow within the next ten years at a rapid rate — a predicted 8.8 percent between the years 2012 and 2028. This growth percentage, compared to the average 5 percent growth for other occupations, affirms just how sought after these positions are.

WalletHub’s Best and Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals found that the best metro areas for STEM professionals were Seattle; Boston, Massachusetts; and Austin, Texas. The worst regions are Cape Coral, Florida; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Jackson, Mississippi.

To learn more about WalletHub’s data and findings, click here.