Let’s get Washington back to work — safely. That’s a key message of the new #SafelyBackToWorkWA initiative.

“#SafelyBackToWorkWA was started to push for small businesses to be allowed to do what construction and essential workers have done — go back to [work] while keeping COVID-19 in check. We in small business care more for our staff, clients, and communities than anyone else does and we will work diligently to keep the virus in check while providing life-sustaining work for our families, communities, and state,” said Washington native Dave Parkhurst, who has been working in high-tech and marketing for both small and large firms in Washington since 1984, and founded Tacoma-based digital marketing agency GreenHaven Interactive in 1994.

Added Parkhurst, “It is not a question of fully reopening with no mitigation and no social distancing or of staying locked down. It is opening smartly, with social distancing and sanitization and other guidelines in place to keep people safe and keep people employed to support their families.”

Those who support the initiative are sharing the hashtag #SafelyBackToWorkWA in social media posts, often accompanied by examples on of how businesses are and can create safe work environments. Parkhurst said the initiative has also launched the Safely Back To Work petition. Click here to learn more.

Thumbnail photo by Benedikt Geyer on Unsplash