Super Consumers

Photo by Jeff Hobson

Did you know that more than 50 percent of most companies’ profits are due to only 10 percent of its consumers? This 10 percent is otherwise known as a brand’s super consumers, according to Eddie Yoon, author of Super Consumers.

Super consumers can be American Girl fans, cheese lovers, or even office supply nerds. “From my research, I knew that while the vast majority of office supply consumers had zero emotional connection to paperclips, pens, and Post-It notes, one-third of these consumers were fanatics,” Yoon writes. “I’m not kidding. There are people who love office supplies the same way some of us love bacon or our local sports team.”

Here are some insights from Yoon:

Refine the message

It’s not about converting light users into heavy users. Instead, take what your super consumers love about your product and tailor your message to fit that segment.

New uses, same product

Many super consumers are going to be interested in new and innovative ways to use their favorite products. For example, Greek yogurt fans might enjoy recipes that involve their favorite protein-packed snack.

Double down instead of double coupons

Instead of trying to bring lapsed consumers back with costly coupon campaigns, spend your advertising dollars on the people who are already buying your products.