Tacoma is among the top 10 most generous cities in the United States, according to a recent report by outdoor services provider LawnStarter.

In honor of the season of giving, LawnStarter crunched data to find the “Most Generous U.S. Cities of 2020.” It compared the 150 biggest U.S. cities across 12 key indicators of philanthropic behavior, from charitable giving to volunteering rate to the number of food banks.

According to the findings, Tacoma ranked ninth as the overall most generous city. Seattle also ranked high on the list coming in at seventh.

Additional rankings for Tacoma include:

  • Share of residents who volunteers: 10th
  • Share of residents who do something positive for the neighborhood: 6th
  • Food banks per 100,000 residents: 10th
  • Shelter beds per 100,000 residents: 27th
  • Share of residents who donate $25 or more to charity: 21st