If it feels like traffic has gotten worse lately, you might be right, especially if you live in Tacoma.

According to a recent HomeArea.com report based off U.S. Census data, Tacoma saw a larger percentage increase in average commute times over the past year than any other 60,000-plus population city in the state.

Travel times to work jumped 2.6 percent in the South Sound city, from approximately 29.8 minutes to 30.6 minutes, according to the report.

Kent experienced the largest drop (9.9 percent) in average commute times, from 33.4 minutes to 30.1 minutes.

If you’re looking to escape the gridlock altogether, you might consider moving east. The report shows that Spokane and Spokane Valley have the two fastest average commutes, at just 20.1 and 20.5 minutes, respectively.