Horizon Partners Northwest, the developer of the Brewery Blocks site, recently revealed illustrations depicting what the new downtown Tacoma project will look like.

“We’ve thought about the Tacoma community at every juncture of this project. When possible, we’re preserving and reusing materials from the former structures, including the original brick and concrete and incorporating elements like the railroad tracks in the layout and design,” Horizon Partners Northwest Vice President of Development Jack Trainor said. “Additionally, the new Brewery Lofts residential units will provide vital housing that’s needed for Tacoma and its residents while allowing future growth.”

Brewery Blocks, Tacoma, Horizon Partners Northwest, development, Tacoma

The site is located between 21st and 23rd streets, just south of the University of Washington Tacoma campus. According to Horizon Partners Northwest, the building will be the highest in the state to be constructed using a sustainable material called cross-laminated timber.

Two tenants have already committed to joining the space: Bitterroot BBQ and the Office of Michael G. Malaier, Chapter 13 Trustee.

“I take great pride in serving our community and helping my neighbors through tough times if they encounter them,” said Malaier. “Tacoma has changed quite a bit in the last 20 years, and I love being downtown to watch it bloom.”

The first phase of the project, which includes Malaier’s offices and Bitterroot BBQ, is expected to open this summer.

Brewery Blocks, Tacoma, Horizon Partners Northwest, development, Tacoma

Leasing of residential units will begin this spring. Those interested can register on a waiting list here.

“By combining both residential and commercial units, we’re elevating and leveraging the best Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest has to offer,” Trainor said. “Brewery Blocks will redefine downtown living by blending work, life, and play in a single space.”