REI recently announced new standards for sustainability that it will implement across all brands and products it sells in its stores.

The company, now in its 80th year, aims to promote sustainability and make it easier for its customers to purchase more socially and environmentally friendly products.

“We’re collaborating with partners across industries to advance sustainable business practices, and as a result are completely changing the conversation around sustainability for the U.S. outdoor industry,” said REI CEO Jerry Stritzke.

The new standards take into account social, environmental, and animal welfare impacts. Brands must now establish a manufacturing code of conduct for supply chains and keep to a restricted substances list. Rules for specific products are also set to take effect. For example, sunscreen brands that are sold at REI have until 2020 to stop using oxybenzone, a chemical that is known to harm coral reefs.

Online shoppers can now filter products according to sustainability by searching for items using categories like “fair trade,” “organic fibers,” and “recycled materials.”

“This effort to advance sustainability across an entire vendor base is among the most comprehensive in the U.S. retail industry,” explained Adam Siegel, senior vice president of research, innovation and sustainability for the Retail Industry Leaders Association.

For more information, visit REI’s blog.