Independently owned commercial real estate firm Kidder Mathews has appointed president and COO, Bill Frame, to serve as CEO. In related moves, Brian Hatcher, former regional president of Brokerage, is now president and COO. Jeff Lyon, who has served as chairman and CEO for 20 years, will remain chairman of the firm.

Kidder Mathews has locations throughout Washington, including Seattle, South Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and Bellevue.

Frame has served on the board, and has had various leadership roles in his 28-year career at Kidder Matthews.

“This is an important period of expansion for our company, and I am honored to have the opportunity to lead Kidder Mathews at such an exciting time. We’ve grown dramatically from four offices in Washington to 22 offices in five states with 900 people. Although we are an established and successful 50-year old company in the Northwest, we’ve made an accelerated push to expand over the past 3-plus years in Southern California,” Frame said in a news release.

Brian Hatcher, the firm’s new President & COO, has been with the firm 23 years, nine of them as President of Brokerage.

“We really do have an attractive culture here, and I’m grateful to have such a key role in upholding it. It’s long been the advantage that allows us to attract and retain some of the best professionals in the industry,” Hatcher said in a news release.

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