MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup increased its patient capacity by opening two new floors in its Dally Tower on Tuesday, the hospital announced.

The tower originally opened in 2011, but the seventh and eighth floors were left unfinished to allow for future expansion. According to the hospital, the need for space had grown enough by 2015 to warrant finishing the extra floors.

Courtesy MultiCare.

“As we deliver on our goal of becoming the trusted medical provider of choice for every resident of East Pierce County, we need more beds in our hospital to keep up the number of people coming to us for care,” said Chris Bredeson, Good Samaritan Hospital President and COO. “We have had tremendous support from the community over the years and are pleased that we are able to expand to make sure our community can remain close to home when hospitalization is needed.”

The expansion adds 40 beds to a post-surgical unit on the seventh floor and an additional 40 beds to a Progressive Care Unit on the eighth floor.

Thanks to the additional space, the hospital also will expand other services throughout the campus, including adding seven beds to its Pulse Heart Institute Critical Care Unit, adding 8 beds to its ICU, creating 18 beds as part of a new obstetric addiction inpatient unit, and adding 23 beds to the hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Program.

Good Samaritan Hospital serves more than 300,000 residents of east Pierce County and employs more than 1,600 providers, specialists, and employees.