In an effort to make transit more accessible, ORCA cards are now being offered for free to certain at-risk populations.

Seniors ages 65 or older and disabled residents who qualify for an ORCA Regional Reduced Fare Permit are now qualified to receive their first ORCA card for free. The reduced fare permit and ORCA LIFT cards for income-eligible riders offer 45 percent or more savings for transit fares. The ORCA LIFT cards provide transit on all Sound Transit services, King County Metro buses, Kitsap Transit buses and ferries, King County water taxis, and Seattle streetcars.

“Getting a reduced-fare ORCA pass is now easier and more affordable for people who need it most,” said John Resha, King Country Metro assistant general manager and chair of the ORCA Joint Board. “We hear every day from customers whose lives have been changed by better access to transit, and we hope this encourages more people who qualify to participate in our reduced-fare programs.

The first Replacement RRFP and ORCA LIFT cards are free and replacement cards are $3.