August 16 will be the last day of operation for the public health immunization clinic in Lewis County, the Public Health & Social Services (LCPHSS) Director Danette York announced. An inability to balance the budget without using tax funds was cited as the reason for the closure.

“We have always tried to balance the needs of our residents with the realities of our budget,” York stated. “With so many other options available now to meet everyone’s immunization needs, we believe we can close the clinic without creating any undue hardship.”

Long-time LCPHSS immunization nurse, Jane Sheldon, RN, is retiring the same day of the closure. “With Jane’s retirement,” York explained, “we will save on payroll costs without having to lay anyone off.”

Those looking to get vaccinated in the region are advised to ask their primary care physician, become a member of a local clinic, or visit any of the pharmacies in the region, which also offer vaccinations.

For more information on the clinic, including hours, visit its website.