Three locations in south King County have recently been determined to be potential sites for the new zero-emission, all-electric battery bus fleet base.

One site in Kent and two in Auburn are candidates to house, operate, and maintain 250 battery-powered buses as soon as 2030. The initial review included 20 potential sites in south King County, and has been narrowed down to these remaining three:

  • Site A: 25-38 acres in Kent at Southeast 196th Street and 68th Avenue South
  • Site B: 18-26 acres in Auburn at South 277th Street and D Street Northeast
  • Site C: 38 acres in Auburn at 37th Street Northwest and B Street Northwest

King County Metro is currently gathering public input and conducting in-depth evaluations of these locations. An estimated $480 million will be used to purchase a site, build the station and charging infrastructure, and open the base — which will be used exclusively to serve Metro’s electric bus fleet.

“With new base capacity, Metro will be positioned to meet the transit needs of our growing region,” King County Executive Dow Constantine said. “We are committed to greening our Metro fleet, and operating a zero-emission bus base in South King County will provide cleaner air to a part of the region where residents have historically experienced a greater share of pollution from cars and trucks.”

The long-range plan is to increase sustainable transportation alternatives for those located in south King County and deter the number of solo commuters, aligning with the region’s efforts to address climate change. The base is expected to improve air quality in south King County and spur economic development, providing jobs during planning, construction, and long-term operations.

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