Pacific Lutheran University is launching in fall 2020 a new major in criminal justice that is designed for students interested in a wide variety of career fields, including law, policing, corrections, and victim services and advocacy.

“Previously, students at PLU who were interested in careers in policing, law, corrections, and victim services majored in sociology and unofficially specialized in criminal justice by selecting existing courses such as Delinquency and Juvenile Justice, Deviance, and Criminal Justice to complete their sociology major,” stated professor Kate Luther, chair of the newly redesigned Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice.

“The new major in criminal justice formalizes these aspects of the existing sociology curriculum into a separate major, and will lead to the addition of new courses of particular interest to criminal justice students,” continued Luther.

In addition to completing the classroom-based curriculum, criminal justice majors also will be required to complete an internship. Graduates of the program will earn a B.A. in criminal justice.

For more information about the program, visit this website.