The Pierce County Council unanimously voted to approve next year’s $1.08 billion capital and operating budget, which, pending the county executive’s signature, will take effect Jan. 1, 2019.

“Council has been making significant investments into behavioral health, public safety, and community programs. This budget reflects our sustained commitment to making sure those initiatives are funded and successful,” said Pierce County Council Chair Doug Richardson.

Funding allocations in 2019 include the salaries for one lieutenant and one deputy sheriff position, $75,00 for the blighted property maintenance fund, $100,000 for a pre-apprenticeship training program, matching funds to conduct a feasibility study for a new boat ramp on the Thea Foss Waterway, $116,000 to South Sound 211 for behavioral health services related to the opioid crisis, $250,000 for pre-development costs relating to a tiny home project in unincorporated Pierce County, $25,000 for a study addressing the economic impact of businesses in the Tacoma Tideflats, and $52,000 to the Safe Streets program.

Other organizations funded by the 2019 budget include the Asia Pacific Cultural Center, Key Peninsula Civic Center, and the Spana-Park Senior Center.

The county executive has 10 days to sign the budget. See the full budget here.

Thumbnail photo by CafeCredit under CC 2.0