As the way communities use their public libraries continues to shift and expand, the Pierce County Library System wants to learn the public’s interest in new library facilities in Sumner and Lakewood. Three libraries — the Sumner Pierce County Library, the Lakewood Pierce County Library, and the Tillicum Pierce County Library — are in consideration for replacement libraries because of their dated natures and the costly upgrades they each require.

“The current libraries are well loved and well used and have served the communities well,” Pierce County Library executive director Georgia Lomax said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the aging buildings are underserving the communities, as more people and more services compete for limited space. The libraries were built with the purpose of housing books — today, libraries serve many more competing individual and community needs.”

The Library System is talking with residents in libraries, at community events, and online in order to learn what they would like out of new libraries in these three locations. Going beyond the books, these new libraries would hopefully offer newer technologies, community meeting spaces, quiet work and study areas, printers and Wi-Fi, and more.

If you have an opinion about the structure or purpose of the new libraries, there will be week-long open houses at the Lakewood and Tillicum Libraries from Aug. 12 to Aug. 17.

You can also learn more information and take an online survey here.