Photo courtesy Olympia Downtown Alliance via Facebook

The City of Olympia is embarking on a 20-year Transportation Master Plan to address congestion and provide safer streets as the area continues to grow, while also doing its part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades.

The plan will include short-, mid-, and long-term project lists for bicycle, pedestrian, transit, motor vehicle, and freight projects, and will also include a 20-year funding strategy for all the projects.

Between now and 2040, the City will focus on such areas as:

  • Adding roundabouts to maintain vehicle flow, manage vehicle speeds, and keep traffic moving without widening streets.
  • Adding and building better crosswalks, especially in high pedestrian areas like near schools, grocery stores, parks, and bus stops. Enhanced crosswalks could have refuge islands, flashing beacons, bulb-outs, or a combination.
  • Enhancing bike infrastructures, which could include adding bike corridors and enhanced bike lanes that are separated by physical barriers or have a wide painted buffer.
  • Adding more sidewalks, which could include building a sidewalk on at least one side of every major street. Working with Intercity Transit to help the bus system run on time. This could include transit signal priority and special bus lanes.

To review the transportation master plan in its entirety, visit this website.